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        Axis Residences
        Axis Residences
        Robinsons Land Robinsons Land Axis Residences Axis Residences Robinsons Land Axis Residences Mandaluyong
        4,100,000 & Up PHP
        Condominium   Studio, 2 BR
        EDSA Pioneer , Mandaluyong , Metro Manila PH Axis Residences Robinsons Land Axis Residences Axis Residences Robinsons Land Axis Residences Mandaluyong
        Fame Residences
        Fame Residences
        SMDC SMDC Fame Residences Fame Residences SMDC Fame Residences Mandaluyong
        4,100,000 & Up PHP
        Condominium   1 BR, Family Suite A and B
        Barangay Highway Hills , Mandaluyong , Metro Manila PH Fame Residences SMDC Fame Residences Fame Residences SMDC Fame Residences Mandaluyong
        Harbour Park Residences
        Harbour Park Residences
        Wee Comm Developers Wee Comm Developers Harbour Park Residences Harbour Park Residences Wee Comm Developers Harbour Park Residences Mandaluyong
        2,700,000 & Up PHP
        Condominium   1 BR, 2 BR
        J.P. Rizal Street, Mandaluyong City , Mandaluyong , Metro Manila PH Harbour Park Residences Wee Comm Developers Harbour Park Residences Harbour Park Residences Wee Comm Developers Harbour Park Residences Mandaluyong
        The Olive Place
        The Olive Place
        Data Land Data Land The Olive Place The Olive Place Data Land The Olive Place Mandaluyong
        3,900,000 & Up PHP
        Condominium   Studio, 1 BR, 2 BR
        407 Shaw Blvd. Brgy. Addition Hills, , Mandaluyong , Metro Manila PH The Olive Place Data Land The Olive Place The Olive Place Data Land The Olive Place Mandaluyong
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        Mandaluyong Condos Real Estate For Sale

        Mandaluyong condos are located within Mandaluyong in the residential areas. The condominiums are quite cozy with tasteful interior decor. The homes are amazing because they offer what no other homes offer. The peaceful environment around the homes is something yearn for. Apart from the beauty of Mandaluyong condos, the city itself contribute to this beauty and coziness due to the properties that it has. Let us take a look at this contribution.

        History of Mandaluyong
        The city of Mandaluyong was widely known for having industrious residents. The residents used to do services to tourists of and to other travelers of the land. By then it was known as 'Kingdom of Namayan'. In the nineteenth century, Mandaluyong was known as Sta. Ana de Sapa.
        During the American occupation in the Philippines, Mandaluyong was called San Felipe Neri. When the municipality gained independence, it was renamed to 'Municipality of Mandaluyong'. The Americans established many infrastructure here during their occupation in the country. Rapid development such as infrastructure and establishment of companies and businesses took place in the municipality making it the most developed compared to other municipalities in the region. This is one of the factors that led to its inclusion into Metro Manila.As per now, Mandaluyong is subdivided into twenty seven barangays for the purpose of administration.

        Mandaluyong's economy
        Mandaluyong's economy is doing great. It is the best place to do business therefore being the best place to own a home. Mandaluyong has a population of more than three hundred thousand residents.

        The city is one of the richest cities in the country. It is growing on a faster rate than earlier imagined. It has commercial establishments all over but more so in the city's centre. The city share Ortigas Centre with Pasig. The city contributes a lot to the Metro Milan. It serves as a commercial and a residential area. Many of the city's investors  have invested in condos.
        Most of the city's commercial activities take place in its central business district which is full of corporations' offices, restaurants, malls and other services. Several embassies have been set up in this city for instance Tanzania and Malta. Business in this city is done on a twenty four hour basis thus no worry that you might find the stores closed. Industrial activities take place mostly in the major streets and in the central business district. Major commercial strips of the city include the Boni Avenue, Libertad-Sierra Madre area, Kalentong, San Francisco, part of Martinez and Shaw Boulevard.

        Shopping in Mandaluyong is quite a pleasurable adventure, as the City offers world-class shopping in its malls. There are major shopping centres located in the city's central business district. There are both enclosed and also open air markets. Most of the open air markets here are bargain markets and they offer services and goods at an affordable price. The major malls and shopping centres provide parking spaces for their customers. For those who love shopping, there are lifestyle malls in the city most of them are located in the Ortigas centre. The malls and shopping centres are located on the major streets and highways thus easily accessed. For those on foot, there are pavements that run throughout the city. Some of them pass outside these malls hence it is possible to go shopping while on foot.

        The malls not only serve the tourists but also serve the locals their needs. Moreover, they serve both the basic and other needs. There are stores that sell only children wear while others sell clothes for both genders with no age limit.

        The SM Megamall, just like the name suggests, is like a city within a city. This means that the mall is pretty big with almost everything in it. It has cinemas, restaurants, theatres and sporting salons. The Podium is another shopping mall dedicated at serving the city's residents. It is located in the Ortigas Centre. Other malls include The marketplace, Starmall, The Shangri-la Plaza among others.

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        Education in Mandaluyong
        Education is the best gift a parent can give to their children. This is why Mandaluyong city has more than enough educational institutions scattered around its environs. It is home to most of the notable schools in the country.

        There are all types of schools in this city. Both private and public schools are easily found in the area. The schools here run from preschools up to higher education institutions. For parents who prefer their children to study in schools near the central business district, there are schools located there. Quality education does not necessarily mean shelling out a load of cash, that is why non governmental schools and public schools are in a higher number than private school in this city.
        Don Bosco Technical College is a catholic school which offers the best education. It being a catholic school, parents are assured of good morals being instilled in their children. Other schools include Arellano University, Jose Rizal University among others.

        For parents who prefer an all-boys school, schools like Lourdes School of Mandaluyong are there for you and for an all-girls school, you are not left out either for you have many schools to choose for instance Saint Pedro Poveda College.

        As we have seen, education either for you or for your children should not hinder you from living in this beautiful city because there are so many schools out there with the best facilities for play and for education purposes for instance theatres, libraries, play areas and laboratories.
        If your child is studying in Mandaluyong or is planning to study there save them the trouble of covering long distance to school by moving in the Mandaluyong condos.

        Mandaluyong being the home to businesses, transport system has to be efficient. The residents and tourists of this city use both private and public means of transport to commute in the city.
        Buses are mostly used to get around the city. They are also used for intercity commuting. There are major roads that provide linkages between cities for instance the Ortigas Avenue and the Shaw Boulevard. There are major roads that allow for the use of buses. With the use of buses, there are designated stops and people can get off and in the bus at the designated stops only. All the routes are properly connected for instance  the Boni-Pioneer connects the Pioneer Street on the east and Boni Avenue on the west.

        For those with businesses along River Pasig, the ferry provides services for them.There are three stations that allow for the use of trains for commuting. The three stations include Shaw Boulevard MRT Station, Boni MRT Station and Ortigas MRT Station. The trains follow a certain time schedule so if you don't want to miss it, make a point to follow the schedule.

        Taxis also offer public transport to both the residents and tourists of the city. Taxis are the best means of transportation because they can pick and drop off passengers at any point unlike buses. Also, they are the best for those who are new in the city because it is just a matter flagging the taxicab and telling the driver where to drop you off. Jeepneys are another means of transportation that the residents can use. The best thing with jeeps is that they are the cheapest means of transportation compared to the others.

        For the residents, if at a point you find yourself out of town or in the need to go of town you can use the bus or the bridge over the Pasig River and the San Juan River.The airport is also thirty six minutes away from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport.With all these means of transportation in the city, it is very easy to move around, get and get out of the city.

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        Health facilities
        Living in Mandaluyong is a wonderful experience. This is because the health facilities are within reach. Mandaluyong is host to health facilities both private and public healthcare facilities. Emergencies do occur that is why it is of great benefit to live in this city. For those who need tertiary level health services, tge government Mandaluyong City Medical Centre is there for you.
        There are other health centres that offer healthcare services to the locals. These are commonly attended by patients with minor health problems. These health centers are spread all over the city thus serving the residents as they should. Moreover the heath centres are not far from residential areas thus in case of emergencies, patients are assured of being attended to before their situations worsen.

        The health practioners in the health centers provide efficient services as it is their duty. The centres together with their health paractitioners  have undergone thorough evaluation in order to provide quality health service.

        Those that are financially stable can visit The Medical City that is located in Ortigas Centre. Mandaluyong city has a rehabilitation centre, Therapy, Education and Assimilation of Children with Handicap. This institution cares for children with special needs who come from poor families.

        What is life without some amusement? Entertainment brings life to our environment. It brings joy and smiles on our faces. This is why Mandaluyong city is full of entertainment joints.  The city is brought to life through the entertainment activities that take place in it. It is no longer the boring, rusty sleepy town that itintially was. It has become a lively place and a wonderful one to live in to those who cannot live without some touch of fun.

        For those who love to dance you can go to Streetscape to dance, drink, eat and groove in the outdoor cafes. For couples and the fans of live bands, do not sleep early on weekends for there are lots of places to catch live band performance. Apart from the entertainment from the bands, you can actually eat a decent meal in these places. Craft Rock and Grill, SaGuijo, 12 monkeys and Route 196 are just  examples of places to find this kind of amusement.

        Mandaluyong city is a great place to party for all the reasons. There are many clubs and bars to have fun and to party. There are many clubs for partying and clubbing. We not only look at at the number of the club but also the affordability of their services. Clubs like Nialblitz Bar, Music Studio, E bar and the Ortigas Are  are good for partying.For those who are not into partying, there are cinema halls and theatres along Ortigas Avenue.

        Where to eat out
        Sometimes we feel like eating out, sometimes we are forced to eat out do to circumstances maybe we are too tired to cook or we have arrived late from from work. There are several.places where we can eat out be it during the day or at night.

        Many restaurants are located along the Ortigas Avenue and are cheap. For those who are on a tight budget, there are food stalls scattered all over the city. During the day for those working in offices around the central business district you can eat at restaurants in the area since they are in great number there considering that that is the mother of all businesses.

        For those who love Asian cuisine the Asian Bites located at Robinson Galleria provide tasty and cheap Asian meals. For seafoods and crabs visit Crustasia Restaurant. The food is a somehow expensive but it is worth it.

        While living in Filipino how can you not have a taste of Filipino cuisine? There are several outlets that make Filipino food. One of such places is Via Mare and the good thing about this restaurant is that its meals are affordable. Shangri-La Plaza Mall also makes Filipino food.

        There are also outlets for Japanese meals such as Akiga. For Chinese cuisine do not forget Gloria Maris restaurant and as for Italian food, Paparazzi will give you the best.

        There is everything for everyone in Mandaluyong city. That is why a home here will do you some justice.